ACKU Clubs

January 2021 update:
All karate clubs are currently closed.  We are waiting to hear the next provincial announcement later this month.

All ACKU students are entitled to unlimited training at any of the clubs.
Use the sidebar to discover an ACKU club near you! There are no school gym rentals this year due Covid-19.

When allowed, we  plan to reopen our clubs in Braeside, Genesis (Martindale), Monterey, Riverbend, Sandstone, Citadel, Mount Pleasant plus Strathmore.

Covid-19 rules include:
All persons in the facility will be required to wear a face mask. We will take lots of “breath breaks” and try to make this easy for everyone.  Parents please wear a mask as you come in and out of the centres.
All persons in the facility must maintain a 2m social distance
If possible, please do not stay and watch your child during the class.
All persons must complete a COVID screening form prior to attending each class
Do NOT attend class if you or any members of your family are feeling sick

You can also see the Calendar for upcoming events, courses, and training schedules.