ACKU Aspen Woods Karate Club

ACKU Aspen Woods Lynx


  • Guardian Angel School
    20 Aspen Hills Dr SW
  • You must be on time because caretakers lock the doors when class is in session for security.
  • Please arrive no later than 6:45 pm or make arrangements to be let in.

Karate Chop Kids, Ages 4, 5 and 6

  • Wednesday
  • 6:20 pm – 6:50 pm

Karate Classes, Ages 7 +

  • Wednesday
  • 6:55 pm to 7:55 pm
    Due to Covid-19, clubs that are held in school gyms will not reopen this year.
  • September 2020 update: We have clubs in Braeside, Genesis (Martindale), Monterey, Riverbend, Sandstone, Citadel, Mount Pleasant plus Strathmore.


Please Note –  reopening January 2021