ACKU Shoto League Elite

Shoto League Elite Current Standings
(as of October 2020)
ACKU Caribou 14.5 points
ACKU Martens 13 points
ACKU Grizzlies 8 points
ACKU Sea Lions 3 points
ACKU Cougars 3 points
ACKU Dolphins 2 points
ACKU Falcons 3 point
ACKU Moose .5 point

  • Intermediate and Advanced training for the serious students.
  • Each class is 2 hours long.  Please be on time.  No spectators.
  • In response to the Covid-19 Corona Virus, school gyms are not allowing user group rentals.
  • Balmoral School is currently not renting. Advanced training is Tuesdays at Braeside.
    Please refer to the information under ACKU Braeside club location.