ACKU Colour Belt Exams

ACKU Club Colour Belt Exams

White Belt (10th Kyu) Beginner

Yellow Belt (9th Kyu) Heian Shodan

Orange Belt (8th Kyu) Heian Nidan

Green Belt (7th Kyu) Heian Sandan

First Purple Belt (6th Kyu) Heian Yondan

Second Purple Belt (5th Kyu) Heian Godan 

First Brown Belt (4th Kyu) Tekki Shodan

Second Brown Belt (3rd Kyu) Tekki Nidan 

Third Brown Belt (2nd Kyu) Tekki Sandan 

Red Belt (1st Kyu) Bassai Dai 

Students are informed on social media and by email when a specific Seminar and belt test is being held.

To achieve ACKU Black Belt, students participate in the Kumite/free style element of ACKU classes in the clubs.
They participate when they feel ready.  There are no rules as to when you must do Kumite with equipment.
Equipment must be purchased through your ACKU club.