Advanced Training

Partnerwork Courses

ACKU offers a course for those students who wish to develop their ACKU karate skills further. All participants will do free style sparring.
Partners work together at a higher skill level.
This course is a requirement after red belt level.

Benefits of partnerwork training include:

  • Improve the speed, distance and timing of your karate basics, with a partner
  • Increase strength and endurance while having fun.
  • Sharpen the mind – improve concentration and creativity.
  • Learn to think and react under pressure.
  • There may be body contact in this course, if distance and timingis off. Protective gear is used as a source of protection only if necessary.
  • Build self esteem and confidence.
  • All participants must wear protective gear. This includes helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, hand protectors, groin protectors, chest guard and shin/instep protector. These items are listed under “Store” and must be ordered NEW for each student who is new to the advanced class, from ACKU, through the office or your instructor. No other equipment is allowed. No second hand sales or transferring of equipment is permitted.

Course Material

These skills (and others) will be reviewed:

1. jab, reverse punch

2. front kick, lunge punch

3. roundhouse kick, ridge hand

4. side thrust kick, back fist

5. back kick

6. axe kick, reverse roundhouse kick

7. forward, rear leg sweeping

8. takedowns

9. turning techniques

10. crescent, reverse crescent kick

11. body shifting techniques

Location – see Huntington Hills under Clubs

Call the main office 403 232 0228


Call the main office 403 232 0228


Call the main office 403 232 0228

Please Note:

To ensure quality control and safety, this class is limited in size.

No spectators permitted. This course is required to earn your ACKU black belt. Lower ranked belts are encouraged to attend.