ACKU Dan Ranking

Partnerwork (Kumite/freestyle) is being restructured due to Covid-19.
Please go to the Club list and click on Balmoral Shoto League Elite for more details.
We study the basic twenty six Shotokan formal exercises (Kata) plus seven health instruments (Kobudo) in this class.
We study the Jo staff in the regular community clubs.

  • Call the main office for more information 403 232 0228

ACKU Red Badge – First Dan

First degree black belt.


ACKU Gold Badge – Second Dan 

Second degree black belt


ACKU Emerald Badge – Third Dan 

Third degree black belt.


ACKU Violet Badge – Fourth Dan 

Fourth degree black belt.


ACKU Black Badge – Fifth Dan 

Fifth degree black belt.


ACKU Platinum Badge – Sixth Dan 

Sixth degree black belt.