Karate For Everyone Ages 4+

Karate – ACKU’s Philosophy¬†

The All Canadian Karate Union (ACKU) offers traditional Japanese Shotokan style karate for individuals and families in our numerous ACKU Clubs in Calgary, DeWinton/Okotoks, Airdrie, Strathmore and B.C.

Whether you want to get in shape, learn self defense or even want to attempt to make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we can help you with your goals!

  • Students train at any club anytime, for one low and affordable monthly fee.
  • Students train for the reasonable rate of $55 per month, or, if you have two or more family members, the family rate is just $95 per month (no gst).
  • This fee includes unlimited training at any of our 28 clubs.
  • Register now at any club. See Starting/Prices.
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  • We have separate classes for children ages 4 – 6.
  • Our family or regular class is suitable for ages 6 years and up

What is ACKU Traditional Karate?

ACKU is an independent karate entity, not dependent upon or subordinate to any other group or organization. We have an extensive karate history of over fifty years. ACKU interacts and co-operates with many other karate groups and organizations. We have martial arts friends who live and train all around the world. We offer three tournaments within the ACKU and we compete in local, provincial and international tournaments.

We make an annual trip to Tokyo, Japan for training.

ACKU karate is a sport, an art form and a form of self-defence. We train in strong, deep stances that strengthen our legs.

Karate provides excellent overall conditioning. The ACKU system is easy for everyone to learn. Our style is Shotokan.

The History of ACKU

Founded by Soke Jim Bray

Soke Bray started his training in the first karate club in Calgary in 1964 and has been a leader in martial arts in Canada since that time. All of our instructors have been trained by Soke and most of them have trained with him for decades.

  • Jim is proud to be a fourth generation Calgarian, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.
  • For more information about Soke Bray, visit JimBray.ca


Learn Karate in Your Community

ACKU Club Training

  • ACKU students are people who want to learn proper traditional Shotokan karate. Our techniques are identical to what you would learn in Japan. Our culture and attitudes are Canadian.
  • Students do not have to compete but through us you may participate in all local, provincial, national and international tournaments and events.

What do we do in an ACKU karate class?

  • We learn blocking, kicking, stances and forms (“kata”).
  • We develop power through increased strength and speed.
  • We enjoy partnerwork which is controlled and by agreement.
  • ACKU offers the Intermediate and Advanced students a Free Style (partnerwork) program.
  • We work towards goals of earning colour and black belts.
  • We practice for our optional ACKU, WFKU and Totem Cups.
  • The Wolves competition team travel every year to the Ozawa Cup (Las Vegas) Tournament and seminars.
  • Students also study the jo, bo, nunchaku, tonfa, bokken, sai and kama in community clubs.