Health Instruments (Kobudo)

Health instruments, originally called Kobudo, were developed from ancient weapons and implements.

Jo Staff

  • Wooden Junior Jo price TBD
  • Adult Wooden Jo price TBD
  • YES these have gone up in price significantly and may not be available

Bo Staff

  • Oak tapered or straight 5′ or 6′
  • Brown Three belt

Sai Chrome Steel

  • 15″, 18″, 191/2″
  • Sold in pairs
  • Brown One belt


  • Deluxe Steel
  • Wooden $33.05+gst
  • Red belt


  • Foam Rubber. Cord or chain.
  • Chops Chuks $10.00 +gst
  • $23+gst
  • Purple One belt


  • White Oak
  • Youth
  • Purple Two belt


  • Wooden 18″, 20″, 22″
  • Natural wood
  • Brown Two belt

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Ordering Information

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  • E-mail inquiries
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