Starting / Prices


  • How do I register myself or my child for ACKU karate?
  • Look at the ACKU Club list.
  • Choose the club you think you might go to the most frequently.
  • Check the club calendar and make sure there is a class.
  • Go to the class.  Arrive about 10 minutes before class starts.
  • Watch the class and meet the instructors.
  • Sorry no free or trial classes.
  • You sign up at the club.
  • The instructors will give you all the forms to complete.
  • You pay the instructors at the first class.
  • We accept E-transfer, cash and cheques.
  • Please bring cash or a cheque to your first class.
  • Costs
    Once a Year Fee:
    Each student pays $50 annually for WUKF and ACKU membership.
    Monthly Karate Training Fee:
    $59.00 for one family member
    $99.00 is the family rate two or more.
  • You must register, complete all forms and pay before any karate training starts.
  • “Family classes” does not mean you have to be in a family.
    You may train on your own or with your family members.
  • Family is immediate family only, such as father, mother, brothers and sisters.
  • There are no contracts.  Pay month to month.
  • Your membership fee is good for one year.
  • If you train in one class, you will owe for that month.
  • Everyone starts as a white belt.
  • Your home club never changes, (unless it closes) even if you stop training at your home club and move to another ACKU club or clubs.
  • Occasionally, the schools and centres we use may not be able to rent to us due to holidays or an event.
    Sometimes a club may only be able to offer three classes in a month. This is out of our control. Students are expected to pay the regular fees and as usual are encouraged to pick up more classes at other club locations.  Sometimes clubs are able to offer five classes in a month, depending on the calendar.
  • Please wear a uniform that is purchased from ACKU.
  • The instructors will sell you your uniform.
  • You also need a student crest.
    Choose either the Wolf or the Canadian flag.
  • You do not need to call ahead.
  • Once you have joined a club, you can go to ANY CLUB ANY TIME.
    No additional fees.
  • If you have questions, you can call us at (403) 232-0228
  • Or, email us at

Monthly Fees Allow Unlimited Training at All Clubs!

  • Individual Rate:  $59.00
  • Family Rate:         $99.00
    Family rate includes two or more persons in an immediate family

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